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Mobile App for Drug Registration and Price Calculation

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Pharm-In App project by Touch4IT

Top Experts in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Supplies

In 2019, we began a collaboration with Pharm-In. It is a company that provides services to pharmaceutical companies, drug manufacturers, and healthcare institutions. They work with experts specializing in pricing and categorizing medicines and healthcare supplies; thus, they seek a digital solution to streamline their work.


Fast and Intuitive Mobile Solution

The main intention was to simplify the work of these experts, ensuring that they always have all the information about medicines registered in Slovakia available. This includes quickly and easily searching for medications and working with data.


Detailed Overview of All Medicines With Easy Navigation

We have designed and developed a mobile application (for both iOS and Android) that provides an interface for pharmaceutical suppliers and companies. Thanks to this application, they can now monitor current prices and profit margins of medicines in various countries within the European Union.


Services We Provided

  • Digital Product Specification
  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Design
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Mobile App Development
  • DevOps
  • Migration & Integration
  • QA & Testing
  • Software Maintenance
  • SLA Support
  • Cloud & Data Security

Understanding Users First - Experts, Then Design and Development

Before designing and developing, we understood the needs of the users who would be working with the application. This ensured that the application met their requirements and streamlined their work process, aiming to simplify rather than complicate their tasks truly. After the research phase, we delved into designing and developing to make the mobile application intuitive and fully functional.


Faster Information Retrieval and Extensive Overview of Medications

The application contains key information about medications, including manufacturer prices, price predictions, and history, event summaries, quarterly consumption, and reference prices in EU countries.

It's a valuable tool for healthcare professionals, providing a centralized hub for the latest updates on drug legislation, newly registered medications, reimbursement proceedings, drug consumption, publications, and upcoming training sessions.

Tech Stack

Pharm-in App Project by Touch4IT - tech stack
Pharm-in App Project by Touch4IT - tech stack
Pharm-in App Project by Touch4IT - tech stack
Pharm-in App Project by Touch4IT - tech stack
Pharm-in App Project by Touch4IT - tech stack
Pharm-in App Project by Touch4IT - tech stack
Maria Bucek Psenkova

Maria Bucek Psenkova

Director at Pharm-In, spol. s.r.o.

Our company is focused on development in applications in the pharma field. Therefore, during the development of our first mobile app Pharm-In Apps we wanted to cooperate only with the best partner. We knew that it would be a unique application that does not have competition in its content and functionality not just in Slovakia, but probably not even in Europe, or globally. This year we have launched the application and we are now sure that we chose the right partner. Touch4IT is a professional and reliable partner, that has designed the UX/UI and together with our IT team has developed a user-friendly and fully functional application for both operating systems.  

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